About Me

My name is Elias Prado and I am a Brazilian living in Ireland as an International Business student. I came from São Paulo downtown, the place where different ethnicities are mixed from all around the world. 

 Maybe you are guessing how?

Sure, I can explain to you, Brazil is a giant and beautiful mix of ethnicities from all around the world. Since from Netherland on the North-west of Brazil, to Germans and Italians on the south. Also Japanese and Africans on centre-west.

About Natives, they all were there before all other immigrants come. Therefore, living and growing with this mix I simply get involved with different cultures that actually are almost disappearing nowadays. Moreover, as Brazil is a Christian country, I was raised in a Protestant lifestyle where I use to follow but with an open mind (religion is no longer a priority for me).


A Little More about Me

In addition, in my 20s… “I still in my 20s”. Just meaning that in my early 20s, I got a passion for financial freedom, entrepreneurship, and a positive mindset. reading loads of books about these subjects, since Napoleon Hill, Jim Rhon and Antony Robbins to Robert Kiyosaki and Harv Eker. I simply love the idea that you have the freedom to create the life that you truly want.

 I have made changes in my life since then. Built my first sewing factory company from scratch that actually was a real disaster “ow my gosh”. After that, I opened a pizza shop that was almost success. However, I simply could not handle the demand and unfortunately. This is just a small story about me. The end of this novel does not happen yet it being recorded and actually, it is being a great story. Thanks for reading.